Flutter Firebase Phone Authentication Example

Flutter Firebase Phone authentication is a method that’s provided by Firebase to easily authenticate user using their phone number. Phone number verification is a very convenient way to authenticate user by sending OTP to given phone number. In this tutorial, we’re going to learn how to use Firebase Phone Authentication with Flutter step by step. […]

Creating & Setting up Firebase Project: A Multi-Platform Guide

Google Firebase is a Google-backed application development software that enables developers to develop, manage, and grow iOS, Android and Web apps. Firebase provides back-end tools to implement various services including authentication, notification, messages, real time database, cloud storage, analytics, and many more. In this Firebase project tutorial, I will show you how to create a new […]

Flutter Firebase Authentication Tutorial | Signup and Login

In any application, user authentication is a key factor for securing the app and keeping its data safe. Firebase Authentication is a backend service made by Google that provides you with tools to easily authenticate your app’s users. It supports authentication using password, Google, Facebook, and so on. This article will be Flutter Firebase Authentication […]

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