What are the best websites for software developers?

The Top 7 Useful Sites for Software Developers:

Do you get lost looking for appropriate websites to improve your software development skills or look for jobs? Chances are, the answer is YES.
As a software developer to be, it can be challenging to find the correct websites that help you expand your knowledge and set up your career path. But today I got you a list of the top websites that can assist you through your journey to your passion. For this reason,  a list of the top 7 useful sites for software developers is provided for you to start building your career path.

The best useful sites to make your career as a software developer more effective


1. Stack Overflow

Yes, you’ve probably heard about stack overflow and most likely ended up looking at solutions to solve your program errors at some point but that’s OK, we all do.

Now you may be thinking, just like I once did, that Stack Overflow is a programming-related question-and-answer posts website which is pretty useful by the way. It is actually more than that. Stack Overflow is a popular platform for tech-related job posting and connection between technology firms. It is considered one of the best job platforms for finding talented technology firms. Stack In addition, Stack Overflow provides chances for these talented people to get noticed by employers. Stack Overflow is one of the best useful sites for software developers to improve their skills and get better in their field.

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the most social media website for professionals to connect with each other. In LinkedIn, you can look up for people in the same major as yours and connect with them to expand your professional circle.
By all means, having an account on LinkedIn provides you the opportunity to get noticed by employers and luckily get hired by large companies. If you don’t have an account on LinkedIn yet, you should probably create one immediately. For the most part, You should not wait until you start looking for a job, take your time to explore its features and start building your connection network.


3. GitHub

GitHub is a version control platform for developers to collaborate with each other in developing software projects. Namely, it serves in project management, collaboration, project integration, team management, and much more. Furthermore,  GitHub is a platform where job offers are posted especially for developers. Given these points, GitHub is one of these sites which make developer’s lives easier. This useful site is a must for every developer to learn how to implement GitHub features.


4. Google Developers

Google Developers is a site for software development tools and platforms, Application Programming Interfaces APIs, and technical resources. The site provides documentation on using Google Developer Tools and APIs (e.g Flutter, Android, and Firebase). Also, having a Google Developer account enables you to make your Android app available on Play Store. You’ll also find developer communities where you can join groups and clubs to enhance your development expertise.

5. W3Schools

W3Schools is a free educational website which provides variety of online tutorials in web development.  You’ll find courses covering bunch of topics including HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, etc. One benefit of W3Schools courses is the try on the fly feature where you can test what you learn on the spot. If you’re looking for somewhere to start your journey, this website would be your go.


6. Tutorials Point

Tutorials Point is another free educational website where you can find courses on Web development, Data Analytics, Database, and so on. It is a great option for those who prefer reading rather than watching videos. In particular, the content of its courses is written in simple language which is really understandable and is very diverse.

7. Indeed

Indeed is a job hunting platform and is considered one of the most popular online job boards in the world. It takes the pain of your job searching and makes it much easier. Once you set up your profile, Indeed will suggest suitable jobs for you and notify you whenever companies are hiring.



Your career as a software developer improves by utilizing the use of these sites. The good news is that the sites are pretty easy to use and are all free. The list above will provide you with opportunities to improve your skills and make you discoverable by companies out there.

If you use any of the listed sites, help others by leaving some tips in the comments. Or, if you’ve come across other sites which you found useful for software developers, list them in the comments to help others discover them as well.


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